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Lifting Sling Supercheap

Lifting sling supercheap at dmsling.com. Buy supercheap lifting slings from a wide range at the most competitive wholesale price. Xian Dumei Machinery Technology Co. Ltd wholesales safe and soft web polyester lifting slings and webbing slings at the super cheap price. Order online for delivery at your nearest port or address. These supercheap lifting slings made by Dumei Machinery Co. are effectively used to bind your objects to ensure a firm lifting. Both flat lifting sling supercheap and supercheap round lifting slings are available. Our flat lifting slings can meet European standard EN1492-1:2008. And our round webbing slings reach the European standard EN1492-2:2008 also. Though our web lifting slings are supercheap, these webbing slngs can attach items for lifting safely.

Flat lifting sling supercheap is made of high-strength fiber raw materials, woven into industrial webbing by a knitting machine, and dyed and industrially sewn. Flat webbing lifting slings mainly include two types: circular flat lifting slings and two-end buckle lifting slings, which are combined into a set of slings. Polyester flat lifting slings are widely used and can also be used in pipe lifting slings, pad lifting slings, and special glass lifting slings. The main materials of our lifting slings are made of strong polyester fiber, nylon, and polypropylene.

lifting sling supercheap

Supercheap round lifting slings, also called soft lifting slings, are made of high-quality synthetic fibers and are mainly composed of a load-bearing inner core and a sling protective cover. Supper cheap round lifting slings round lifting sling protective covers are divided into single layer, double layer, anti-wear and strong type. According to different lifting environments, it is divided into: ordinary lifting belts, fire-proof lifting belts, high-strength lifting belts, and combined lifting belts.

lifting sling supercheap

The lifting sling supercheap is light and soft, weighing 25% of the same metal sling. The sling is very easy to control, carry and store. The supercheap lifting slings are increasingly used in modern, technological and international lifting construction sites. Supercheap lifting slings are commonly used in lifting in steel plants, oil fields, ports, mechanical and electrical, transportation and other industries.

(1) The webbing lifting slings are light weight, good flexibility, easy to bend, and convenient to use;

(2) Cheap round lifting slings and supercheap flat lifting slings are an insulator;

(3) The supercheap lifting slings are stable and the safety factor is high;

(4) It does not damage the surface of the lifted object and is highly protective;

(5) It has high tensile strength, beautiful color and easy to distinguish;

(6) The lifting belt has long life, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

(7) Improve labor efficiency and save costs;

(8) It has a wide range of uses and is widely used in various fields such as aviation, aerospace, nuclear power construction, military manufacturing, port handling, power installation, machine processing, chemical steel, shipbuilding, transportation, etc.

We have veteran international trade experience for custom lifting slings. Quanlity brand Dumei Machinery makes you a worry-free lifting sling supercheap purchase.

supercheap lifting slings

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