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Why choose us

Raw Material Control

1. Select high tenacity polyester industrial filament produced by famous manufacturer, HENGLI GROUP, a domestic giant in chemical fiber industry.
2. Strictly control the quality of polyester yarns and hardware fittings: inspection of bulk samples before entering our factory and random inspection of batches at the time of entering our workshop.

Production Control

1. We have a fully automated warping machines, yarn plying machines, weaving machines, webbing material dyeing machines, screen printing machines, and the independently developed, patented round sling core-threading machines. Additionally, we have imported computerized sewing machines, packaging machines, and a complete set of production equipment.
2. We have technical experts with over 20 years of experience in the hoisting industry, serving as production directors and guiding the entire production process. Our assembly line workers each have 5 to 10 years of operational experience.
3. We have a long-term partnership with a national-level laboratory, providing a 1000-ton tensile testing machine for testing the breaking strength of each batch of large shipments through random sampling tests.

Quality Control

1. Production tasks are generated, and they are promptly reviewed in accordance with the customer's order requirements.
2. At the completion of each production stage, the assigned workers are required to check the task order and sign confirmation, ensuring no oversights. If issues arise, they can be traced back, and corrective measures are taken promptly.
3. During the final product inspection stage, Quality Control (QC) strictly oversees the process, once again comparing the results with the customer's order requirements. If any products do not meet the specified criteria, they are downgraded and promptly reworked. Ensuring that substandard products are not packaged and shipped.

Service Control

1. We have a professional team of engineers providing technical support for safe lifting.
2. We can provide one free sample for customer testing. Our experienced business personnel offer one-on-one service online.
3. We have dedicated after-sales staff to address any queries or requests from customers.
4. For first-time customers, we always offer a certain discount on our prices.

Our Capabilities

1. We have obtained domestic military product certification qualifications and become one of the suppliers to the Chinese military.
2. We collaborate with national aerospace power units, and our products are used on the front lines of aerospace equipment production.
3. We cooperate with national energy units, and our lifting slings are used in the construction of large-tonnage wind power stations.

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