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XI'AN DUMEI MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of slings in China. At present, the company has wholly-owned productive enterprises in China, with business covering China, Europe, etc. The company adheres to Germany's rigorous and meticulous work philosophy and adopts reliable and mature advanced manufacturing processes to provide high-quality and high-safety products to the global and Chinese markets. It is currently an important production supplier of synthetic fiber slings in the world. At present, our company specializes in the production of flat lifting straps, round lifting straps and transportation binding straps. The standard series of products are manufactured in strict accordance with European industrial standards EN1492-1, EN1492-2 and EN12195-2. All major products have passed German safety regulations. GS certification can meet the highest safety indicators in the industry. The company is committed to providing efficient and fast services to domestic customers and realizing product customization demands. Welcome to send inquiries via E-mail: sales@dmsling.com to get high quality polyester flat Woven webbing Sling, lifting straps, cargo flat sling and 1-12T polyester lifting webbing sling at the factory-direct wholesale price.
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