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XI'AN DUMEI MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is located in central part of China. We specialize manufacturing and supplying standard webbing slings, round slings, rachet tie-down straps in the format of single layer, double layers or customzing design. And we also wholesale rigging accessories. With advanced production line and equiments, custom-design lifting slings and rachet tie-down straps can be supplied upon the customers' OEM requirements. XI'AN DUMEI MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is your trusted supplier for sourcing top quality lifting and rigging products and its accessories. We have a professional production procedure for all our lifting slings, rachet tie down straps, woven strappings, polyester composed strappings, plastic corner protector and end fitting hooks from raw material, examination, storage, warping, webbing, testing, dyeing, cutting, sewing, delivery inspection, packing and loading.
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