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R&D Center

With the emergence of high-strength synthetic fibers, the requirements for product appearance quality have increased, and more attention has been paid to operator efficiency and labor intensity. Our lifting Sling R&D department has developped a lightweight synthetic fiber materials instead of steel wires to produce round webbing straps and flat lifting slings. High-strength lifting slings were developed and are now common synthetic fiber slings. Its tensile strength and elongation are close to or reach the performance of steel wire ropes, and direct contact with the suspended parts will not scratch the surface, which not only ensures the accuracy requirements of the product, but also improves its appearance quality.

Lifting straps can be divided into round webbing straps and flat lifting slings according to their shapes. Lifting belts can be classified into acid-resistant lifting belts, alkali-resistant lifting belts, high-strength lifting belts, anti-corrosion lifting belts, and high-strength fiber lifting belts by their usage. According to different materials, lifting slings can be classified into polyamide (PA) slings, polyester (PES) slings, and polypropylene (PP) slings. Different colors are used on the labels of the slings to indicate their materials. Green is polyamide, blue is polyester and brown is polypropylene.

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