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Breaking Force Test of 5 Ton Flat Lifting Sling

Time: 2024-04-30 Source: Flat Lifting Sling Factory Author: flat lifting slings

Great news! The 5 Ton flat lifting slings produced by Xian Dumei Machinery Technology Co. Ltd has successfully passed the breaking force test this week. Our 5 Tonne flat webbing sling are made from by high tenacity woven polyester with reinforced eye loops. Get a quote for 5 Tonne lifting straps and polyester flat webbing slings now at the most competitive factory direct wholesale price.  

Assess your lifting power with our 5 Ton flat lifting sling. Work Load Limit(WLL) of our 5 ton flat webbing sling, 5000KG flat webbing sling, 5 Tonne polyester webbing lifting sling:  5000KG; Breaking Foce: 35,000KG; Safety factory: 7:1. The breaking force of 5 Tonne polyester webbing lifting slings produced by Xian Dumei Sling Factory can reach the tag working load that is marked on the tags. You know, the quality of all our 5000kg flat lifting slings has passed European standard EN1492-1:2008 (safety factor is 7:1). Buy 5 ton flat lifting slings from us, you do not need to worry about the quality.

5 Ton flat lifting slings

Breaking Force Test of 5 Ton Flat Lifting Sling

Various polyester lifting slings produced by Xi'an Dumei Machinery Technology Co. Ltd are carried out the proof test of breaking test. You can refer to the photo of the breaking force test.

Breaking Tension Is Not Equal to Working Load

From the above we can find that the breaking tension of lifting slings of 5 tons is 35 tons, but this does not mean that it can be used overloaded. It is an expressly prohibited behavior in hoisting operations. It only illustrates the production and weaving process of the fiber lifting sling. The strength meets the usage requirements.

5 tonne lifting straps

The price of polyester lifting slings is higher than that of white lifting slings. However, if the lifting environment is not restricted during lifting operations, many job sites will not use polyester lifting slings, but choose higher-priced colored flat webbing. Lifting slings are used because with the frequent occurrence of lifting accidents, everyone has higher and higher requirements for the safety of lifting operations. The safety factor of the national standard color flat double-eye slings of the same 5 Ton flat lifting slings is six times, but the safety factor of the non-standard white polypropylene lifting slings is four times, and the above data are all obtained by the sling manufacturer through the tensile testing machine under static load test. Come. However, when lifting objects with lifting straps at the hoisting site, the load is dynamic. The load will increase due to the fast or slow lifting speed, external wind speed and other factors. In this case, choose a crane with a high safety factor. The tools will be more secure, so white slings are not chosen to be used in modern hoisting due to the price gap of lifting slings.

5 Tonne flat webbing sling

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