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Polyester Slings Manufacturers

Are you looking for an honest and professional polyester slings manufacturers, polyester webbing slings supplier and polyester web sling exporter and polyester lifting slings wholesaler? Xian Dumei Machinery Technology Co. Ltd supplies not only round polyester lifting slings, but also flat polyester lifting slings at the factory direct wholesale price.

Our lifting slings are made of strong polyester fiber. Our polyester webbing slings have excellent features such as tensile strength, durability, wear resistance, and low elongation. The eyelets and safety threads are distinguished by color, making it easy to determine the length and width.

Xian Dumei Machinery is a veteran manufacturer of web slings. Both round lifting slings and flat lifting slings prouced by us is light, easy to bend and easy to operate, which can improve the efficiency of hooking operations. The webbing slings are made of strong polyester fiber, which has excellent tensile strength, durability, abrasion resistance, and low elongation. The eyelet and safety thread of lifting slings are color-coded, making it easy to determine the length and width. Please make sure that we are experter of polyester webbing slings. And the top quality of these lifting slings can be guaranteed by European standard EN1492-1:2008 and EN1492-2:2008.  

polyester slings manufacturers,

Still hunting for a powerful option for connecting loads to lifting equipment? Choose lifting slings produced by Xian Dumei Machinery slings. It is made of durable polyester material, which is impact and abrasion resistant, making it ideal for industrial environments. It can handle heavy straight pull loads of various tonnages. These polyester webbing slings give you a wide surface area to balance heavy or awkwardly shaped objects as it spreads out on contact with the load. It's safe to use on loads with smooth or polished surfaces because its soft material won't leave scratches or dents. It is light, flexible and easy to maneuver. All our lifting slings are tested by engineers for durability and reliability. It provides extensive support when using a crane or similar machinery to lift heavy or bulky loads.

polyester webbing slings supplier

Choose Xian Dumei Machinery Factory to purchase polyester webbing lifting slings, you will choose reliable manufacturer of web slings, you will deal with the right supplier of polyester web slings, you will get the best quote from wholesaler of polyester lifting slings and you will cooperate with the experter of polyester webbing slings.

polyester slings manufacturers

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