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Method for determining the qualification of flat lifting belts

Time: 2023-11-06 Source: Synthetic Fiber Slings Author: Nancy
Method for determining the qualification of flat lifting belts

1、Visual Inspection

Firstly, it is necessary to check the appearance of the flat lifting belt for obvious damage, wrinkles, cracks, deformation, etc. If there are any, it is unqualified. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the surface of the sling is flat and whether there are defects such as hook marks. If there are any, it also indicates that it is not qualified.

2、Dimensional Inspection

Secondly, it is necessary to inspect the length, width, thickness, and other aspects of the flat lifting belt, and it is considered qualified within the specified range. Specifically, the length should be within the specified range, and the error in width and thickness should not exceed the specified value.

3、Quality Inspection

Qualified flat lifting belts should have a certain tensile strength and load-bearing capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to use professional testing equipment to conduct tensile tests on the sling to check whether its maximum bearing capacity meets the standard requirements.

4、Identification Inspection

Each flat lifting belt should have clear identification, indicating the material of the lifting belt, production date, manufacturer, and other information. At the same time, the identification should be clear and easy to read, without any signs of blurring or alteration. If the identification is unclear or does not match the actual situation, it is likely to be a non-conforming product.

In summary, it is necessary to inspect the appearance, size, quality, identification, and other aspects to determine whether the flat lifting belt is qualified. Only when complying with relevant standards and regulations can this lifting tool be used with confidence.

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